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Help needed with South African Medals and dog tag

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Hi, I agree with Michaels info on the dog tag.

In terms of medals potentially missing, it is difficult to say from what is presented. If he had signed up and only served in the borders of South Africa during the war, his entitlement would likely only be the two medals i.e. War medal 39-45 and the Africa Service medal. However if the Italy Star ribbon is relevant, then he would likely be missing at least one or more of the following, depending on service: 39-45 Star, Africa Star and Italy Star.

The only way to know for sure would be to contact the SANDF Archives in Pretoria and request copies of his service record / entitlement or use a South African based researcher such as DENEL or Aud that are members of this forum

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Hi, since my last post in February (has it been that long😲), I have come across some additional information that may be of interest. His serial number of 323747V falls in the block of numbers allocated to 2 (Cape) Bn, 1 Reserve Brigade. Just a heads up, it is a handwritten list and "2 (Cape) Bn" part of the unit is difficult to make out clearly.

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