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State Prize Winner Comrade Gentsen Todkhuu


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This group passed through multiple pairs of hands before it ended in my collection and it is a wonderfully documented group. 

It originated from Erdenet town although Comrade Todkhuu (born in 1919) for many years worked at a/the UB meat processing factory. Judging from the documents in

the group, comrade Todkhuu worked there as a welder and rationalizator (whatever that means). He was bestowed the State Prize in 1975 for "mechanization of the production process, improving the labor productivity and increasing the factory efficiency" as quoted from the large red State Prize Diploma. He was also a deputy of People's Great Khural.

Judging from the two large photos, comrade Todkhuu was also awarded the Order of Sukhbaatar, ORBLV, two OPS and various medals. Unfortunately, the family got his suit with all orders, medals and badges stolen back in the 1990s. Todkhuu was able to have his State Prize Badge and some minor medals re-issued. Since his passing away roughly 20 years ago, Todkhuu's son has kept his State Prize badge and all his documents as a memory.

Included in the group are the following:

a) Re-issue State Prize Badge with the original State Prize Winner's Diploma. 
b) Document of the Medal of 40th anniversary of People's Revolution.
c) Document of the Medal of 50th anniversary of People's Revolution.
d) Document of the Medal of 60th anniversary of People's Revolution.
e) Hard-cover document of the Badge of Best Worker of the Ministry of Food and Light Industry. Signed by the Minister P. Damdin. Awarded in 1977.
f) Document of Best Care Taker of the Youth. Awarded in 1976.
g) Document of the Winner of Socialist Labor Competition. Awarded in 1971.
h) Document of the Badge "Winner of 5th Five-Year Plan" awarded in 1974.
) Document of the Badge "Winner of 5th Five-Year Plan" awarded in 1980.
) Small Document of the Badge "Member of Socialist Labor Brigade" awarded in 1967.
) Blue Leather cover document of the Winner of Socialist Labor Competition. Awarded in 1979.
Finance and Accounting school certificate issued to comrade Todkhuu in 1939. He enrolled the school in 1938 and graduated a year later. For some reason, he did not pursue the accounting career but the skills he learnt at the school helped him a lot to come up with innovative ideas later. The document has young Todkhuu's picture.
) Large document awarded to comrade Todkhuu as the participant of the Regional Conference of Care-takers of young generation.
n) And one of the most interesting documents... a
People's Deputy's Official grievance book. The group includes two books. The official book was issued to each deputies to take notes of the problems raised and proposals put forward by the electorate. The books have been filled with deputy Todkhuu's handwritten text. After each text, the deputy used to sign it and date. The issues that were written in this book were copied and sent to the Parliament Secretariat. There are also official letters from ministries addressed to deputy Todkhuu informing him what actions were taken in response to his request and instructions.
The group also includes some documents pertaining to his primary work at the Meat Processing Factory. As mentioned, comrade Todkhuu was an inventor. He received the State Prize for series of inventions that led to improvement of the factory's production output and increased the operational efficiency. The photos in the group show some hand-written and hand-drawn draft proposals on changing the production line for removing sheep and goat skin. It is possible to assume that this particular proposal was a part of the work that earned him the awards and the State Prize in particular. There are few documents in the group that pertain to this kind of work. 
p) The group also includes
9 documents, some bearing the photos of comrade Todkhuu, being professional ID docs, local khural deputy ID and delegate IDs.
q) The group also has an Original Innovator's License issued to a group of workers including Todkhuu in Sept. 1979. The license was given to the proposal to introduce salt washing and grinding line at the Food Factory.Signed by the Deputy Minister of Food and Light Industry and sealed with the stamp of the ministry.
The group also includes certificates issued to comrade Todkhuu that his photo was placed on the annual Wall of Fame of the Best Workers and Employees of the Factory.
s) Also
two identical looking documents. The paperback is an invitation from Mongolian Communist Parliament to conrade Todkhuu asking him to attend the parliament sessions (one in Nov 1974 and another in Dec 1976). 
t) The other two blue hard cover docs were awarded to Todkhuu for labor achievements from the UB Meat Processing Factory named after Stalin. Both documents dated 1953 and 1955 respectively. You can read the Stalin name on the seal of the factory. 

This group is not entirely complete although I have the majority of documents related to Todkhuu's awards. Major exceptions are the order booklet and the People's Deputy badge doc. The photos of him wearing all his awards really help in figuring out what would have been a complete set. 
Also, three original photographs included:

a) Comrade Todkhuu wearing all his awards including the People's Deputy badge (probably taken in 1970s)
) Comrade Todkhuu wearing all his awards (on the back of the photo is a stamp of the Meat Processing Factory and the date of 1988. The hand-written note says that this photo was place on the hall of fame at the factory).
) A group photo depicting the Best unit of the Factory from 1973-1975. Comrade Todkhuu is second on the right on top row. The picture also depicts the building of the factory and a part of meat processing equipment system (sheep/goat skin removal line). The description is done in Mongolian, Russian and German. GDR was a major partner in upgrading this factory.

Todkhuu's name and some brief info on his State Prize justification are in the big Blue Book (page 720. no 59). 

Will be posting a LOT of pics in coming minutes.


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Here the People's Deputy grievance book


Some of his work drawings...


Several ID doc's


Innovators License


Certificates issued to comrade Todkhuu that his IMG_7999.thumb.jpg.3629a969d5ad2d7275aaaa358fdff262.jpgIMG_8001.thumb.jpg.ee097bc05c8360039050aafed8bb8dc1.jpgphoto was placed on the annual Wall of Fame of the Best Workers and
Employees of the Factory.

Invitation from Mongolian Communist Parliament to conrade Todkhuu asking him to attend the parliament sessions (one in Nov 1974 and another in Dec 1976). 
The other two blue hard cover docs were awarded to Todkhuu for labor achievements from the UB Meat Processing Factory named after Stalin.
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In a nutshell, comrade Todkhuu was an outstanding worker who dedicated his life to others. The source in Erdenet indicated that Todkhuu was nominated for the title of Hero of Labor but for some reason he never got it.

Below a copy of his Blue Book - nr 59, very briefIMG_5338.thumb.jpg.ee4141c274622dd7ea73a07679ddb886.jpg


And here some more pics - the overview of all doc's in the group, some close ups of photographs and a close up of the State Prize award documentIMG_5340.thumb.jpg.d41f1cee5e120041a7ecb5da4f3caa35.jpgIMG_5341.thumb.jpg.92c87ca7fbfda8f7e727dc62c83b20fb.jpgIMG_5343.thumb.jpg.05a383e4b6e1334f75a8a808541b6d08.jpgIMG_5346.thumb.jpg.777d23c8f15fe01369e4938771fb443c.jpgIMG_5347.thumb.jpg.a56d167bab6cb42cf83faa1ce7edda93.jpgIMG_5349.thumb.jpg.d46effc940fe027db0c99add836e3928.jpgIMG_5351.thumb.jpg.036a81f7fdb2fe400978989c3e4da668.jpgIMG_5353.thumb.jpg.b2ec1fb83cf0e347af4f25f54566855c.jpgIMG_5355.thumb.jpg.d8674f9afa89a5f251d8d016faf19a07.jpg

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