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Freikorps sleeve badge on picture - help appreciated

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Hi everyone  - though I dont collect Freikorps / Reichswehr, from time to time something interesting washes in with the imperial masses.

So I recently got this picture which I assume shows a Freikorps soldier? But I cannot identify the badge on his sleeve. I also have problems deciphering the back which says "Zum Andenken an (???), (???) d. 26.6.19" (In rememberance to XXX ec.).

Any help on this is greatly appreciated since I do not own any Freikorps literature.





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45 minutes ago, bolewts58 said:

Brilliant! Thank you bolewts58! This makes the image really interesting and will help me a lot in deciphering the name of the place written on the card!



Edit: And there he ist: According to Tessin the Brigade Nordlitauen was sent to West Prussia in June 1919 and first served near Graudenz, thereafter near Schwetz - and in the Kreis Schwetz there lies a really small village with the german name "Waldau" - so that is presumably where this photo was taken on 26.6.1919. Thanks again bolewts58!

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