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I posted this, or parts of it ages ago... but just found these pics on a stick again.... A friend called me to tell me he knew a guy who had the medals of a distant relative and was looking to sell them... so I bought them... it turned out to be the awards of three men, all which were distantly related, but had somehow been passed down to a relative who had them all in the box. I will say in advance, I ended up splitting the lot. One group was to a Bavarian Jäger officer (MVO4, EK2, Austrian, Dienstauszeichnung, EK1 and the docs for the MVO and Austrian, plus extra ribbon and cases and a bunch of photos) the second was to a Veternarian (MVK1class with swords, EK2, Ehrenkreuz) and the third was the 1870 bar. There was no direkt relation between the men so I eneded keeping the Jäger and passing on the rest. Unfortunately for some reason I did not have the MVK medals in the pic... so photo opportunity missed.... but still, opening a box like this was a real treat..... The edelweiss and 2 jäger badges were not with it and just for show....20181202_184908.thumb.jpg.41a6e4928803a2b5e3d5b67beb790a02.jpg20181202_184921.thumb.jpg.3c95a115032386b660198a8a619536e9.jpg

part 220181202_184929.thumb.jpg.3352084c3cb09250d2b5164c0577fb9d.jpg



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Nice find, I like it very much. The bar and the boxes of the awards.
The clasp on picure three could belong to the Jäger-officer, this clasp would changed in 1913 to the Landwehr-service medal.

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very nice box and a wonderful find to say the least.

can we see the backs of the IC 1 and wound badge?




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