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Alright, I know my collection is not half as big as some of yours. I see a lot of German memorabilia on here, and thought that Canada needed to be heard from.

I know my stuff is not half as impressive as most of yours is...but they are special to me as they are part of my family history.

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Hi Car, a collection is only what you feel it to be. To me, this is a rather magnificent grouping and the fact that it's your family makes it even better, despite the tragic story attached.

Cheers! Rick

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Thanks again Rick....It was very hard to find Information about Canadians that fought in Russia. And believe me it was no easy feat getting those medals.

I am currently in the process of getting the victory Medal and the British War Medal as well. Once I have those I will post them!

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Guest Darrell

HURAAHHH Canucks :cheers::beer:

Great grouping Car. You have something I don't ... a MM. I just love these guys, have always wanted one ... but ... don't as yet. LOVE IT :jumping:

Edited by Darrell
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WOW Darrell what's with all the beer? You think that's all us Canucks do it drink beer? LOL :shame::shame: tsk tsk tsk

Even though you are completely correct! HAHAHA :lol:

You are more than welcome to look at these photo's all you like. I have been offered as much as $10,000 for this Military Cross, but I will not part with it!

I would perhaps supply you with a reasonable hand drawn facsimilie.

Thanks for all your comments and stuff


Carrie :beer:

PS i think its only fitting that I add a photo of the man who received all these honors. I forgot earlier

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Sorry guys I am no relation to Farley Mowat. :(

If anyone is interested I have the story of Farley's father Angus Mowat who is often sometimes confused with MY Herbert Angus Mowat. Growing up as a child it was always said that all the Mowat's were related to one another at some point way back when. I have traced my family back to 1734 in Scotland, and unless there is another brother of MY John Mowat somewhere, then thats it for me.

I'll be sure to find out when I am in Europe in two years! I am planning on making a stop at the british and scottish archives to see what I can dig up.

I am however related to Lt. Col John McRae who wrote "In Flander's Fields" My Great Gradfather's niece married John McRae's second cousin. Well I'm not directly related, but it's in the bloodline somewhere! Still an interesting story, and I thought it worth mentioning.

Laurence - LOL You can have all the beer you like! :beer::beer::beer:

Darrell - When the big bills come due, sometimes I kick myself for being a sentimental old fool. But then 1 second later, I am thankful that I am, and not a greedy old witch! :P

So Ya Im babbling again, and it's late so I'll stop talking now



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