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Australia Service Medal 1939–1945 research - A Woman RAAF

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Hi all,

I randomly picked up a single Australia Service Medal 1939-1945 that was issued to "106640 IDA SMITH RAAF".

I checked recordsearch.gov.ua website and I can see that:

Ida May Smith was born 12 July 1912 in Wallsend NSW. She enlisted in Sydney 5 October 1942. Next of Kin Albert Smith. Dicharge 8 June 1945 (rank Corporal).

I am wondering is there more information possible to find about her and her service. Also, in case she didn't serve overseas, was this medal her only entitlement?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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You can get her service file unlocked online for $36.27 AUD if you are really interested, but it is likely her only medal and she would not have served overseas. Other than that there isn't much else to tell without paying. Her service file will likely have a photo and will have her enlistment papers showing age, height, weight etc and will also show everywhere she served.

She enlisted 05 Oct 1942 and was discharged 08 Jun 1945. At discharge she was a corporal at 6 STORES DEPOT.

If you Google " RAAF 6 Stores Depot " you will see exactly where she was working. It is in Dubbo, New South Wales and is heritage listed. Wikipedia snippet below :

"By April 1943, all 27 buildings at the Dubbo Stores Depot were also complete, and stores were arriving daily. The site was used to store aeroplane parts, wireless equipment, ammunition and bombs. By June 1945 there were approximately 866 men and women personnel, both military and civilian, employed by the RAAF in their six sites in the town of Dubbo"





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