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Help with 1914-15 star medal needed

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I just got offered and bought the 1914-15 star medal shown below.
In my opinion it should be an original award, or?

Now I need some help in identifying the previous owner.

I read

L-Cpl. J.Botham,

L-Cpl. should stand for Lance Corporal (J.Botham)...does Linc.R. mean Royal Lincolnshire Regiment?

What would be the value of this medal, as it is definitely not my area of collection.

Thanks in advance.





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It looks authentic to my eyes. The naming looks correct, as to the Regiment, Lincolnshire would seem correct but there are members who would know more about that. Here in Canada the price would range around the $100. mark with the rank of Lance Corp being more desirable than a Private soldier. My price estimate is based on what I ask and get from these at the local shows where I sell medals. Mine are all with ribbons but these are cheap enough and easily purchased through eBay.

I hope this helps.




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yes the medal looks fine and correctly named.

In the UK you would pay between £25 - £35 for a 14/15 star to a British infantry or corps unit, more for a harder or more desirable unit such as Yeomanry




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Thanks for your help, which is really appreciated.

Unfortunately there are no more additional information from the seller (private person) on this cross and the rest of the badges and awards which were sold with this one.

I will show you, once the stuff arrived.


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