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Hi, I’ve been trying to find the Hof- und Staatshandbuch des Großherzogtums Oldenburg  as supposedly it would have it there. Nevertheless I do have some photos, and have attempted to make some list.image.jpeg.a0c0659deaa067fca4a650fd63577435.jpeg

Medal bar:

1. 1870 eisernes Kreuz mit Eichenlaub 25 Jahre, Wiederholungsspange 1914, Eisernes Kreuz 1914 1st class

2. Oldenburg Haus und Verdienstorden von Herzog Peter Friedrich Louis Ehrenkreuz 1st Klasse

3. 1870-1871 Preussen kreigsdenkmünze fur kampfer mit Spange: 

       -Gavrilot-St. Privat   -Metz   -Paris      

4. 1897 Kaiser Wilhelm I Erinnerungsmedaille Zentenarmedaille

5. 1878 Preussen Kaiser Wilhelm I Goldene Hochzeit Medaille 2ed klasse

6. 1870 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Militärverdienstkreuz 2ed klasse

7. 1870-1871 Schaumburg-Lippe Militärverdiesntsmedaille mit Säbeln 

8. 1902 Verdienstkreuz des Oldenburg kreigsverein or Mecklenburg-Schwerin Großherzog Friedrich Franz II verdienst Medaille in Silber 

9. 1902 Saxe-Altenburg                          Medaille zum 50 Jahren regisrungjubiläum

10. Mecklenburg-Schwerin     Gedächtsmedaille Franz Friedrich III

11. unknown 



Swartz Adler Orden collar and Groß stern

 Hohenzollern Haus Orden collar/ Groß stern



Wedischenkronen Orden Collar/ Groß Stern/ Kreuz 

possibly the griffen orden



Haus u. Verdienst order von Peter Friedrich Lois collar, groß Kreuz/Stern 

PFL Grand Cross chapter Badge



Franz Josef Orden groß Stern 



St. Anne Orden Groß stern

St. Alexander Orden Groß Kreuz/stern



Order of the white elephant grand cross and collar


Possible grand cordon of the order of Leopold?

Hope this can be of some help 



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Thank you. I'm surprised no other members of the forum have at least some sort of list of his awards.

Below some more photos I found.



AK-Grossherzog-Friedrich-August-von-Oldenburg-in-Uniform (1).jpg



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Great find with him in his admirals uniform, I still believe more research into that photo of his funeral would be the where the answer to your question. The sad fact is that most of these photos of him are to low quality, anyways here’s another photo.image.jpeg.5f6dccceeff4a1ab6d88bf4bdae3dd8d.jpeg


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On 29/01/2020 at 16:35, 91-old-inf-reg said:


On this photo he is wearing a Russian uniform (so is the man behind in the middle). The sash (and upper star) is of the Order of St. Andrew.

According to The Titled Nobility of Europe (1914), the Großherzog was the knight of the following orders:

  • Black Eagle of Prussia
  • St. Hubert of Bavaria
  • St. Andrew of Russia
  • Annunciation of Italy
  • Elephant of Denmark
  • Rue Crown of Saxony
  • Grand Cross of the Victorian Order of Great Britain (1907).


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