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Bulgaria Order for Bravery with skulls and bones and the pieces of the Monarchs

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Hello gentleman,

I start this topic, because we know very little about the personal badges of the Bulgarian Monarchs and especially about the ones with skulls and bones.

Let's try to share our knowledge and to see how far we can get.

We know I believe that the skulls and bones are a maçonic symbol and that Prince Alexander and King Ferdinand were maçons. I don't believe that the skulls and bones are related to King Ferdinand's attraction to the occult, because this type was introduced by Prince Alexander who was quite sober and practical person. He was certainly a maçon and was incognito a part of the first Bulgarian loge "Etoile des Balkans", founded in Rousse by Ivan Vedar, quite inlighted person that saved the city from massacre during the Liberation war thanks to his maçonic relations with the Turkish command (source wikipedia & one book).

Do you have any info on what stands for those symbols and why the Bulgarian rulers were so keen on having exactly these unique pieces for their own use? 

I also assume we cannot talk about "emissions" on these pieces? Probably we can guess their producers?

I attach two photos I made in the Legion d'Honneur Museum in Paris and link to the other examples known on Ilieff's website.







@Graf, @ilieff, @new world, @922F

And another photo  I took, that leads me to another question: why Bulgarian Monarchs worn mainly I grade pieces (on neck ribbon) and virtually never Grand cross sets?

This one is King Ferdinand's star from a Grand cross set. Judging by the flowers in the swards handles most likely Krelty French made, right @Graf?


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12 hours ago, V.Vazov said:

This one is King Ferdinand's star from a Grand cross set. Judging by the flowers in the swards handles most likely Krelty French made, right @Graf?

This star reminds me of several Belgian grandcrosses I've seen. They were most likely also made in France.

Kind regards, Laurentius

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On 23/01/2020 at 16:21, V.Vazov said:

...And another photo  I took, that leads me to another question: why Bulgarian Monarchs worn mainly I grade pieces (on neck ribbon) and virtually never Grand cross sets?



Perhaps one of the reason is that Grand Cross star does not really look like Bravery award, as there is no white cross for what it is known to most of people. It looks more like a foreign award than Bravery. Badge of 1st class on the other hand can be clearly seen from a distance and in the photographs. Probably Bulgarian Tsars wanted to make sure there's no confusion and everyone who sees them with the cross with skulls knows what they are wearing? 

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My humble opinion is that the skulls and bones do not represent masonic symbols in this particular case but rather the symbolism of the Totenkopf and what the Germanic people of the 19th century (and earlier) make of it in its military sense (not to be confused with the later Nazi symbol of the SS). 

As a side note, the same symbol was used by various armies through the centuries and some still do to this very day.

I don't share your opinion regarding the highest class of the order - I think that the Grand cross badge has been used on multiple occasions - there are several images and paintings confirming its usage on regular basis. Prince Alexander was wearing the sash on official ceremonies, as per protocol. He also kept his orders after the abdication and even had a portrait of himself  painted where he appears in full parade Bulgarian generals' uniform and wearing the Grand cross (though without the skulls and crossed bones). Prince Ferdinand, being quite pedantic about wearing his orders, also wore the sash whenever he was performing military inspections and manoeuvres, opening the annual sessions of Parliament, St George's day etc. Naturally, after 1909 the Grand cross of the Order for Bravery was used less and less (since the introduction of a higher order in 1909). King Ferdinand was occasionally putting it on even after His abdication - just for photoshoots and the rare official occasions (e.g. the wedding of King Boris in 1930). 

The first two images Vazov posted above should be those of the 1st class set which was presented to Kaiser Wilhelm II during WW1. These were essentially the same overall-looking set as the one King Ferdinand had. The minor differences are in the central medallion (By the way, note the shape and position of the lion's tail - it's the same as that of the lion, found on the Samara flag top. Possible clue, perhaps. 

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