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Hi Everyone,

After many years of collecting and nobody to whom I want to leave my collection, it’s time to sell it off, though just a bit at a time.  I’ve been busy listing my National WHW, Gau WHW, Tag der Wehrmacht, VDA, DJH, and all the other organizations covered in my first two books:  Winterhilfswerk National Street/House Collections and More – A Collector’s Guide; and also Donation Badges, Pins & Pendants of the Third Reich.  Many of the actual items pictured in the books will be for sale.  I also have tinnies, paper items, and all kinds of other Third Reich items.  This process will take years as I probably have one of the largest accumulations of WHWs in the US and I need to start selling now.  It’s been a fun hobby, but it’s time to let it go.  Please go to www.winterhilfswerk.com to see what I have listed so far and hopefully you’ll find something to add to your collection.  I add new items almost every day, so please keep visiting the on-line shop.  Thanks and happy collecting.


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www.winterhilfswerk.com is now well over 800 listings in 17 categories and adding more weekly, and sometimes daily.  There are not only high-end pieces, but I am now trying to list more items at $10.00 and under to make it easier for more to enjoy owning a piece of history.  As of the writing of this message, I have 168 National WHWs, 253 Gau WHWs, 118 Tinnies, 54 Tag der Wehrmacht, 50 paper and metal door plaques, and many more items listed.  With me selling my collection a little bit at a time I'm guaranteed a good supply of items to list for quite a while.  Thanks.


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Hello Again Everyone,

After almost a year I have managed to list all my tinnies, National and Gau WHWs, and many and varied miscellaneous Third Reich items on www.winterhilfswerk.com.  It's sad to see everything go, but such is life.  The web shop includes not just my items but things (mostly tinnies) sent to me by consignors.  There are over 1,800 total listings, including 189 tinnies, 300 National WHWs, and almost 1,000 Gau WHWs.  Almost all of my Gau WHWs are priced lower than the European sellers.  It may cost more to ship from the US, but you can save money by buying multiple items at my better prices.  Thanks for your attention.  I look forward to filling holes in your collections.

Best regards.

Joe (former collector)

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