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HI again,

I got the following photo /postcard a few days ago.

Unfortunately no names and no dates.

The card shows some guys of the Reichswehr.

I know some of the faces especially in the 1st line but i don`t know the names.

I tried to ID some guys - here are my possibilities:

1st line 3rd of left: von Blomberg, later Reichswehrminister

1st line 4rd of left: (later) General  von Lossberg

J = Alfred Jodl ?

S = later Fieldmarshal Hugo Sperrle

Sch = Kurt von Schleicher

R = may be later SA leader Ernst Röhm

F = Alexander von Falkenhausen

X = i know their faces, but not their names.

Any idea????

Thanks for help.



I did a marking on other named guys.

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Super photo! The man in the front row with plm, next to Jodl (?) is Walter von Unrah...

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J is NOT Alfred Jodl. Also, I don't think R is Ernst Röhm.

First row 4th from the left is Friedrich von Cochenhausen (see photo below for comparison). Note: Around the neck is the Johanniter-Order and NOT the Pour le Merite.

First row 5th from the left is Gerd von Rundstedt.

First row 7th from the left is Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb.


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Hi, thank you both.

I think the fat guy behind "Jodl" is Kurt von  Hammerstein-Equord.

The general in mid of first line is wearing a PLM.

von Rundstedt is wearing the shoulderboards of an Oberst (colonel), so the pic must have been taken between 1923- 1926

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First on left, in front row is possibly Albrecht Steppuhn...

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Some more ID's thanks to my friend:

1 - Albrecht Steppuhn
2 - 
3 - Werner von Blomberg
4 - Friedrich von Cochenhasen
5 - Gerd von Rundstedt
6 - Otto Hasse
7 - Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb
8 - 
9 - Walter von Unruh
10 - Werner Freiherr von Fritsch
11 - Eugen Müller
12 - 
13 - Alfred Wäger
14 - Kurt von Schleicher
15 - Joachim von Stülpnagel
16 - 
17 - Wilhelm Adam (1877-1949)
18 -
19 -
20 - 
21 - 
22 -
23 - 
24 - Hermann Franke
25 - Fedor von Bock
26 - 
27 - Friedrich von Boetticher
28 - Hans Schmidt (1877-1948)
29 - Kurt Freiherr von Hammerstein-Equord
30 -
31 - Wilhelm Vollmar (or Vollmer)
32 - Hugo Sperrle
33 - Ludwig Beck
34 - Bernhard Steinmetz


Edited by Kriegsmarine Admiral

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Very well done sir! Could the civilian between 12 & 13 be Hermann Köhl?

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Wow, that´s  awesome. Thank you very much.

# 19 - i would nearly bet: Eberhard von Mackensen (he was the son of Feldmarschall Mackensen) and member of

Braunschweiger Totenkopfhusarenrgt (see pin on his cap)

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"The civil guy" on the right next to 29 - first i thought it could be Martin Bormann

but in around 1925 i think he would be too young.

Number 12 wears a Baden decoration´s ribbon + Iron cross.

I know that face - could it be a pilot of a Sanke card?

# 26 is definitely von Falkenhausen.

# 2 has the rank of a Korvettenkapitän.

Edited by ixhs

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