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Heroes of the World War I East African Campaign

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Greetings All (or Jambo!)

In June a book of mine will come out which is a compilation of all the awards made to the King's African Rifles and East African Forces in BOTH World Wars and in ALL theatres - British, German and Italian East Africa, Madagascar and Burma.  There will be descriptive text and ORBATS, and award citations will be shown in full where available, or instructive comments made on the likely locations of the actions.

To hopefully make more people aware, particularly in East Africa, of the military history on their doorstep a new website - The Heroes of the East African Campaign of World War - can be found here: https://www.heroes.guerrillasoftsavo.com/ 

It is being maintained by colleagues in East Africa.

My aim is to post fairly short , well illustrated and easily understood articles with complete gallantry award details where relevant, so that local people can relate to the brave deeds of their ancestors in fighting against dictatorship and evil.

Please take a look - you should at least enjoy some of the hundreds of colour photos that I have taken during many safaris around the battlefields.

(This in no way inhibits my activity with the Harry's Africa and Harry's Sideshows webpages which will continue to receive more detailed and involved articles on larger military actions.)

Kwaheri    Harry

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