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Post your favorite tipstaff or truncheon (for fun and in memory of Mervyn!)

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6 hours ago, Nightbreak said:

Yes, John's got the SHC illustrated in his book as a Victorian example, plate 8, figure 1.  Mine's got the W R on either side of the crown, though.

Excellent, I missed that one, thanks for pointing it out.

3 hours ago, Nightbreak said:

I went looking for another example of my Edinburgh tipstaff, and the one listed here, No. 103, is classified as 19th century, with no monarch. 

What a glorious sight this is, though.  Woolley and Wallis Silver catalogue from 2011.  This must have been from someone's collection.



I personally don't trust much that comes out of the mouths of auctioneers, as they are fairly clueless.  Even the ones that sell military items and guns don't know more than just quote Mervyn's book.  Often they offer for sale re cut tipstaffs and re painted truncheons, or even outright fakes.  The Woolley and Wallis department that sold these tipstaffs was the silver department, so not at all related to our hobby.  I do believe this was one man's collection that was offered for sale.  Years before this sale, I was offered this collection by a dealer who said he knew the collector, but he was asking for silly money.  Some of the ones in these pictures sold for £1400 to £3750 or so, with commission.

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I have a few truncheons and tip staves from my late Fathers collection, but one particular one that I am proud to have pick up since his passing is a Christ Church of Surrey tip staff once belonging to Constable H Hunter. It is solid brass and unscrews in three places, it's weight is 333 grams and 8.5" in length. The rest of the collection is found here http://alan.swain.me.uk/truncheons.htm 




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@CollectorInTheUSA This was my tipstaff & I am sure I posted photos of the inscriptions too.  I thought you might be interested to know that I sold it at auction in April 2014.   I went to a filming of a show on BBC TV in the UK called Flogit where they value your objects & you can then choose to be filmed auctioning your object.   It was sold in Glasgow for £1200 to a telephone bidder so I have no idea where it is in the world today. Here are the photos of the inscription.





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