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Hi there everyone,

I've been curious if anyone has an example of a Feldgrau shoulderstrap for one of the Oldenburg Batteries of Feldartillerie Regiment Nr. 62.  I know there was a particular cypher for the Oldenburg Batteries on the Dunkelblau uniform prior to the war, and understand the cypher was retained for Batteries 2 and 3 with the Feldgrau uniform.

Many Thanks!

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Sorry, thought the 1st photo was sharper than it actually is. What are you after a validation of your assumption or a photo/drawing of the flap?

The standard publication on German field-grey uniforms is Jürgen Kraus "Die feldgraue Uniformierung des deutschen Heeres 1907-1918" vol 1+2. On page 698 it says: 2nd/3rd batteries wore Oldenburger kokarde, the helmet showed an eagle with silver star and Oldenburger crest, flaps showed an "A". I think it showed the flaming granade, and a crown over the "A", too. Two things he omitted, as it was clear from the context of the description in the text.


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No worries about the photos, I'm very much looking forward to delving into it deeper when time allows.

As for the validation, optimal would be a photo of an original feldgrau strap.  I have photos of an Officer strap, and the pre-war enlisted strap as well (shown below), but none of the wartime versions.  Also the photos aren't my own, just saved for reference.

From the text though, it sounds as though the crest was similar to the pre-war versions.

Particularly, I'm looking to have a couple sets of the wartime straps reproduced for a replica tunic display.



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I have been collecting wartime German shoulder straps for nearly sixty years and have never seen a post-1907 enlisted version of this strap. That includes the M1907, the simplified M1907 (without piping and tongue) and the M1915. It's a rare thing.

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