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I have a couple of books which would provide better detail, but unfortunately they are AWOL.  However, from memory:

A career Navy enlisted, probably a relatively senior petty officer.  

Entered service before Pearl Harbor (7 Dec. 1941)

At least 16 years, probably 24 years of good conduct.  If the latter, he would probably have rated wearing gold rank insignia and service stripes based on  his good conduct.  (Can't remember how many years for eligibility)

No evidence of service in World War I or Korea, nor in the several Caribbean campaigns between the wars.  

During WW II, served in home waters and in the European theaters.  (Europe, Mid East, Africa)

No evidence of participation in amphibious landings.  

No individual decorations

Now I need to find those damn books and fill in the missing parts!




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The service star device on the American Defense Medal is more properly worn on just the service ribbon, not the medal. 


On the medal should be worn ONE of the following:

  • “Base” Clasp for USN & USMC personnel for shore based service outside the continental US during eligibility period,
  • “Fleet” Clasp for USN, USMC, or USCG personnel for sea service while attached to any fleet (Atlantic, Pacific, or Asiatic) vessel, vessels of the Naval Transport Service or contracted by the CNO during the eligibility period, or
  • “A” device for service at sea related to the Neutrality Patrol between 22 June and 7 December 1941.

The USCG has a separate “Sea” clasp for USCG personnel serving on vessels or aircraft not covered by the “Fleet” clasp.


The service star device is/was worn in lieu of either the Base or Fleet clasp only on the service ribbon; those eligible for the “A” device worn the same on the ribbon vice the star device, so, one wore one or the other, not both.  The service star device had nothing to do with participation in any particular campaign. 


As shown above, that is not really regulation, since there is no "A" device, there should be either the "Base" or "Fleet" clasp (only allowed to wear one or the other, not both).

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