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Le Poilu

WW1 Red and white Stripes

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Hello from France,

I'm attempting to identify these different stripes, I think it's US but I'm not very sure.

Could you help me to identify these stripes ?





Lot USA_1.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Hi Christophe,  I just saw your question today and the answer is that they are definitely not American stripes from WW1.  They are Canadian stripes from WW2.  The stripes are worn pointed side up on the lower right sleeve of the service jacket.  Each red stripe stands for 12 months of service during WW2.  The white stripe stands for volunteering for military service during the first year of WW2 (before September 9, 1940). The white stripes are the key to identifying this item as Canadian.  They were known in Canada as "Overseas Stripes".  If the white stripes were not sewn onto the patch of red stripes, the red stripes by themselves could have been attributed to any nation in the British Commonwealth including the UK.  Simi.

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