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1944 Dated BMB Mk II HSAT

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This particular example looks like it shows a we bit of usage 1944 dated BMB Mk II HSAT that still retains almost all of it's original factory painted textured finish and the net has left a ghost impression on the exterior of the helmet body, the liner was produced by BMB and in a nice large size of 7 3/4 the crown pad is present with the faint outline of chalk around it ,                                                                                             The net is mid to late war manufactured and the scrim has been tied on and woven through it for many years IMO if this helmet was used at all it would have been for a very short period of time either very late war and or early post war ...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It is hard to make out in the images but there is a rather interesting drawing on the dome pad it is of a small cottage on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean with birds aloft and a small boat out on the horizon, perhaps it was drawn out of boredom a soldier thinking about home and or drawn by a child that had found a new medium to doodle on we very likely will never know..

Regards Mark K












My apologies for the odd spacing and colour on the text above gentlemen 1'st post here and I am just trying to sort out how to cut and paste information that I have saved on my PC and on other forums to save time  as some are quite lengthy..

Regards Mark K

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Looks to be a lovely piece, Mark.  Lucky you.

Any markings visible on the shell?

BTW, welcome to the GMIC.  Most of us are friendly and some of us know a lot about various odd subjects - like helmets, swords and decorations.  [I don't count myself in that group.  I'm simply a dabbler with too much time on his hands] ;)


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