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Transkei mysteries.


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Does anyone know what these are.

They all have the Coat of Arms of Transkei on their back.


I can't find any information about these "medals/orders/decorations".

Pictures 2 and 3 have a front that looks like some Lebowa medals have and picture 4 has a Coat of Arms that looks a bit like the one from Kwazulu ?!?!?

With thanks.


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1 is the Order of Transkei, 2 is the Order of the Aloe.

3 might be a military division of the Order of Transkei.  This is just a guess, based on the similarity of the star, and the coat of arms on the obverse being the Transkei Defence Force emblem.

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Hi Arthur,

Thanks for the usefull information.

Order of Transkei (1987-94)
Awarded in five classes:

  • Grand Cross (GCT) - gold
  • Grand Officer (GOT) - silver
  • Commander (CT)
  • Officer (OT)
  • Member (MT)


Any idea which class it is ??


Order of the Aloe (1976-94)
In a single class.

Pictures are of 2 diff. - silver gilt and silver, thus 2 diff. classes ??


On the 4th. one is says Pro Patria Medal. - Is that a clue to which class ??


With thanks, Marcon1.


PS: Info on orders from your very usefull listings on the Internet (which I no longer can find, did you remove them or did you list them somewhere else ?)

maybe you should list them here on the forum for all to use and see (just an idea :D).

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Hi Marcon1

My actual knowledge of Transkei awards is pretty much limited to what's listed in the 2005 Consolidated Official Table of Precedence.  As the Order of Transkei badge looks gold and has a fitting for a neck ribbon, I would guess it's either the Grand Cross or the Commander.

Interesting that the photos show both gold and silver badges for the Order of the Aloe, as the table of precedence lists only one class.

I hadn't noticed the 'Pro Patria Medal' on the reverse of the badge.  No such Transkeian medal is listed in the table, nor is it on the defence force webpage about Transkei medals.  The ribbon fitting suggests that it was intended to be worn on the chest, so it was possibly either a medal, or perhaps a lower class of the Order of Transkei with an alternative name.

It's very frustrating trying to work out these old homeland awards!  Even the compilers of the table of precedence struggled, and added footnotes warning that in some cases they had not been able to trace the warrants for the awards, and that, in the absence of full information, some of those listed might actually never have been awarded.

Thanks for your enquiry about my website.  I'm pleased it has been useful to you.  As I have parted company with the host service provider, the site is currently offline, but I intend to find another service provider and re-launch it in due course.  

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Here is another mystery item from Transkei - does anyone have any idea what it is (medal, order) ??




It was offered as a Lebowa Star for Distinguished Leadership, neck decoration.

But as it has a Transkei Coat of Arms on the back it's not, but what is it then ???





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