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Grand Cross sashes

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Where have all the Grand Cross sashes gone?

For the last 20 years or so I have noticed a dearth of GC sashes attached to the GC insignia. I have ordered two moderately -priced GC sets in the past only to find that the description of the sash was misleading--the insignia only came with a snippet of sash material. A closer inspection of some GC sets online for sale would indicate that some GC sets come with NO sash at all. A recent booklet produced by the (excellent!)  Royal Green Jackets Museum in the UK also showed many British orders only having a display length of sash material (Order of the Bath, Saint Michael and Saint George, Order of British Empire) I know with the recent concerns about corona-virus, etc. that this may seem trite (as people undoubtedly have more pressing concerns on their minds), but I myself have been a victim of this twice now. I am beginning to suspect there is a HUGE collection of sash bows somewhere lurking out there in someone's collection--they are cutting off the bows and tails and putting the rest up for sale. There is an excellent website available for the purchase of many of the more common sashes, but what if you have a Peruvian Distinguished Service Order? (I just managed to luck out on that one, too!) Any thoughts or comments on this wold be appreciated.


--Smeagol (from my cave deep under the Misty Mountains)

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I did purchase a circa 1910 Order of Bath GC in person and it thankfully came with the sash. But the breast star, case and certificate were nowhere to be found. How often does one also encounter documents and certificates, anecodatlly speaking? 


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