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Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has a list of Kurt von Schleichers medals. So far I’ve gotten:

Eisernes Kruez 1,2 klasse

Roter Adler orden 3rd Klasse mit schwerten?

Bayern Militär-Verdienstorden 3rd klasse mit schwerten

Sachsen Albrecht orden mit schwerten u. Kreigs dekoration 

Wüttemburg Freidrichs Orden muy schwerten?

Oldenburg Freidrich Augustus Kruz 2ed klasse?

 Österreich Militärverdienstkreuz mit Kreigs dekoration u. Wiederholungsverschluss

Bulgarischer Orden des Heiligen Alexander 5. Klasse


Por le merite?

johanniter orden



any more assistance would be much appreciated, thanks 


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3 hours ago, 91-old-inf-reg said:

u. Kreigs dekoration 

Kriegsdekoration is not a term used when talking about the Albrechtsorden. First class decorations (regardless whether they are with or without swords) come with a wreath, which in some countries (like Austria) might be seen as a kriegsdekoration. The swords are in this case the kriegsdekoration, which means he had an Albrechtsorden 1. class (SA3aX)

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91-old-inf-reg, your list has some mistakes, so I took von Schleicher's official entry from the 1929 Reichswehr rank list. For the abbreviations, you can check here. If there's anything unclear, please don't hesitate to ask!



On 18/03/2020 at 17:26, laurentius said:

Kriegsdekoration is not a term used when talking about the Albrechtsorden.

I'd not be so sure about the term "Kriegsdekoration", but what you mean is right, of course: The wreath is an integral part of the order's design for all but the lowest grade, no matter if given in peace or war.

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