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Covid 19 Medal?

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Like several of you have said, even if such an award were to be authorised, it would be a nightmare deciding who ought to receive it. What about delivery drivers? What about teachers ensuring that at least some modicum of education is delivered online to pupils (and child-minding the children of those who have to work)? What about those of us stretching technology to its limits to make sure that university students can progress or graduate? What about this army of volunteers who have stepped up to help support those who are staying home?

Maybe - shock horror! - this is finally a place for the 'medals for purchase' merchants? That if you feel the need to commemorate what you did during the coronavirus scare, you may buy a suitable medal, perhaps with an array of clasps to indicate what you were doing!

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Time will tell whether a medal is ever awarded, perhaps different versions representing different organisations? Perhaps only Government bodies would qualify? Perhaps any issue of such an award would be along the same lines as the last two Jubilee Medals or perhaps the WW2 Defence Medal? Perhaps only medals to organisations that would normally issue medals? 



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On 07/06/2020 at 10:08, bigjarofwasps said:

Well nearly a year on since this article, claiming such an award could be issued as early as September 2020?

With numerous other countries having already awarded a medal.


But as far as I’m aware there has been no further mention of it in the U.K.? 


Had a little tinker about with what it could have looked like....


Thought the ribbon should be green for the virus, perhaps?

Gold on the edges for the effort made fighting it?
The 5 red stripes are for the army, navy, RAF, ambulance and police services (scope for two more if the Fire & Prison services need including?)


Thought it would only be issued to services that already have a medals concept? 


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Saw this on another site…

The quote below is from the government announcement on the Jubilee Medal

The government is developing plans to mark the contribution of key workers, including NHS workers, to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and will announce further plans in due course.

For those eligible, there is no application process - eligible staff will be automatically notified via their employer.
Does this suggest there is going to be a Covid Medal after all? 
Or is it referring to this?
But if so, only staff with 5 years service will qualify, unless that’s going to change?


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Hi Nick,

Do not worry. When the time comes they will create Criteria. I hope they will not get too exited and create sub classes for each Variant that will come under the sun

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