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Top open items in your Mongolia 'want' list?

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I surprisingly managed to close some 'high end' gaps this past year.

Will always be interested in (documented) screwback SB's as well as documented Soviet/Mongolian cross-over groups (dare I dream of an 'impossible' Albanian/Mongolian cross-over group?) but my real top 3 of 'wants' on my wish list are as follows:

1) Badge of the Hero of MPR (not the hero gold start but the one which looks like the Order of SB)

2) Order of the Red Banner of Labor Valor (1920's style, with the polar star white bands criss crossing the order)

3) Order of the Red Banner of Military / Combat Valor (i.e. old style with crossed sword/rifle at the bottom) awarding nr 2 or nr 3

I am skipping above the enamel ribbon I am still searching for for the Order of SB

What are yours?

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