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Swedish Military Shoulder Straps

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I was really sure where to post this since the identification section has been closed.  Can anyone please help identify these slip-on shoulder straps? I assume they are for a junior air force officer.


Unk AF Shoulder Strap 1.jpg

Unk AF Shoulder Strap 2.jpg

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Hola , De nada como decimos aca. If the stripe colour is morado that is purple so the Shoulder board is of the Engineering branch .and the rank that of Fanjunkare ,Fahnenjunker in German and Ensign in english . not exactly a Master sargeant but more or less equivalent . the Flygvapnet that means Luftwaffe or Air Weapon ,as many  Air Forces except the USAF used to distinct the non Flying branches with colours 

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As stated above, fanjunkare rank slides of technician/engineer branch. They remind me of a version of rank slides in use in the '80s when I was in the Swedish Air Cadets. The rank was abolished for regulars in the early '80s (it has since returned), with fanjunkare being promoted to officer rank (1st Lt?), so they would have been used before 1982-ish. These slides were used on working dress, not on battle dress (m/59).


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