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Albanian militia (volunteers ?) in Italian army WW1.

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I think the Italians raised 3-4 battalions of Albanian militia and some irregulars during WW1 on the Salonika front.

Capture001 (2).png

wp_ss_20200401_0002 (2).png

wp_ss_20200401_0003 (2).png

wp_ss_20200401_0008 (2).png

wp_ss_20200401_0009 (2).png

wp_ss_20200401_0005 (2).png

wp_ss_20200401_0006 (2).png

wp_ss_20200401_0007 (2).png

Irregulars, the coloured illustration from the Italian Pinterest,not sure where its originally from.

wp_ss_20200401_0017 (2).png

wp_ss_20200401_0016 (2).png

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Good photos, i knew this unit existed but had no idea of the uniform worn.

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