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Need help identifying a Regiment please

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Hello everyone,

I just acquired a Pattern 1899 Cavalry Trooper's Sabre marked to 3 P. D. and I cannot find what P, D, stands for. I believe the 3 is for the 3rd, and the D could be dragoons (?) but nowhere can I find a mention of what the letter P stands for.

I've included a photo of the stamping on the guard but the description (in case the photo is unclear) is as follows.

3. P. D. followed by 26 that has been crossed out, over the number 6. I would think the 6 is the accountability number that would be registered to a particular trooper. The back strap on the grip which is also the tang is marked  P  N, though these may not have any significance to the identification to the regiment but I have included a photo just in case. 

Any assistance you can extended to me would be greatly appreciated.



P.D markings on 1899 SAbre.JPG

1899 back strap markings.JPG

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No useful ideas on '3 P D' though 'Something Dragoons' sounds plausible and I agree that the '26' and '6' are probably rack numbers.  Just possibly 3rd POW DG, but given the British penchant for full titles, probably not. :(

I wonder if the 'P N' is either a proof mark or a manufacturer's code, based on the position.

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Everything so far is just my guess but I'd say that you are correct regarding the numbers on the back strap area. I have been through every book and listing I have for the British and Canadian regiments and even delved into Indian regiments. Shows how desperate one can get. 😄 I even considered Provost Division but that quickly went nowhere.

When and if I find out I will post a photo of the whole sword and scabbard. It happens that the scabbard is not original to this sword and is marked 21 L for 21st Lancers. It is in excellent condition so if I see a sword marked to the 21st I'll snap it up as a match. 

The search continues, and like the search for the Northwest Passage I am starting to feel like a member of the Franklin Expedition.

Thanks for your efforts.





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