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I had a postcard of a memorial that I put somewhere "safe" and now I can't find it!  The memorial was a large, naturally shaped rock with a soldier's figure sort of draped on top.  The inscription read something like "I am not dead, if you remember me."  The memorial was surrounded by evergreens in the near background.  And I think it was for an infanterie regiment.  I've done internet searches combining all of the various words that I can think of and found lots of great memorials, but not that one.  All help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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Where was this memorial located or what region. Was the inscription in English or in German or maybe even french or latin. Was it on a hill or valley or in an town. What kind of evergreens? I think we need everything you can possibly remember to make any guess as to what you are looking for.

Since you kept the postcard "safe" it must have specific value to you and so there must be more to the card that could help locate the memorial on it.

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