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Some place in Bavaria around 1930 ,but before 1933 ,a Reichswehr General is visible at the right, . the cigars heads ,and the pickelhaubes of young people ,lets think in a traditions feast , visible are too some Stahlhelme , and of course the Bavarian General . and the two mature officers , one of Infantry the other apparently of  the Seebataillon . apart i want to add a observation . Once ago in the time a friend leased me a Catalogue of Juncker the well known manufacturer of helmets of the year 1931 , surprisingly apart of pickelhaubes for the Swedish and Chilean Armies ,juncker offers almost every type of Imperial helmets . well ,Its clear that many continued using in diverse oportunities the old uniforms among the years comprised between 1919 and 1934

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25 minutes ago, Mike McLellan said:

Reminds me of the “Sgt. Pepper” album cover. Lots to look at. 

Yeah, and the guy front left is a human non sequitur ! 🙂

3 hours ago, Glenn J said:

The general at the centre is Generalleutnant a.D. Ferdinand Müller. The general in Reichsheer uniform could well be Alfons Ritter von Bram.



Hi Glenn,



All th ebest


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