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Request help to identify medal ribbons

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This is a VERY short notice request, for which I apologise.  I have just been asked about a retired police colleague, who will celebrate his 100th Birthday on Monday next week.  The force seems to have few details and has asked if I can help with some background.  He was the Traffic Division Superintendent when I was a PC on motorway patrol.

I have just one photo of him in uniform.  The last ribbon, bottom row, right is the Police Long Service medal.  The rest are unknown to me.  He joined the police after the war in 1947.  There is a suggestion he saw service in the 8th Army in N Africa.

From a black and white photo, please can anyone help identify what the medal ribbons preceding the LS&GC ribbon are.  I know it's a long shot, but I can only ask...

John Grant medal ribbons.jpg

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Thank you very much for your help POWCollector.  Very impressive from the best photo I could obtain, which was poor at best.  The MID is interesting.  He has never spoken about it, even to family but there was a suggestion that there was more to his military service than he ever let on.  

Your help is greatly appreciated...

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Not to worry, happy to help.

To clarify, the reason I said ‘Italy star is most likely’ is that the ribbon for the Italy Star and the France and Germany Star look identical when black and white, but the Italy star is much more plausible.


The 1977 jubilee medal would make sense as that would be 30 years since joining the police and 30 years is the fairly  standard term one would serve before retiring. 




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