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Afghan diplomas to Soviet

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I would like to show a diploma we don't see very often: a diploma issued to Soviet people by the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan.

This diploma was written in pashto, but was translated into Russian on the other side.

On this diploma, we see the emblems of both the country and the party.

The diploma says;

Dear and deeply respected Shaposhnikov Nikolai Ivanovich
Défense Ministry of the DRA delivers you the honorary diploma for the successful fulfillment of international duty and wishes you good health, great success in your future personal and public life.

Candidate member of the Politburo of the Central Committee  of the NDPA
Défense minister of the DRA
General colonel Abdul Kadyr

Secretary of the Central Committee  of the NDPA
Head of the Main Political Directorate of the Army
General mayor
Muhammad Esin Sodiki 



Following a photo of Abdul Kadir.

I was not able to find a photo of Muhammad Esin Sodiki.

Someone has picture ofor him ? 


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Shaposhnikov received at least another DRA diploma. 

As the first one, the diploma, written in pashto, was translated into Russian on the other side.

This diploma is awarded to Comrade Nikolai Nikolaevich Shaposhnikov for the conscientious fulfillment of his international duty and the strengthening of Soviet-Afghan friendship.
The command of the Military Medical Academy wishes you good health, happiness and great success in your personal and public life.

Head of the Military Medical Academy  of the Defense Ministry  the People's Republic of Afghanistan

Deputy head of the Military Medical Academy , for political affairs
Mayor Païmon 




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