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Polish First Cadre Company Badge

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Hello all,

This Polish First Cadre Badge came in a tray of misc. items. The owner claimed that they had been in his basement since the 70s. Everything else checked out (including several WW1 and WW2 Polish medals), but I'm not sure about this piece, as I am a complete novice when it comes to these badges. What's your opinion?

Thanks for the help in advance!






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This is known reproduction od 1st Cadre Company commemorative badge from 60'-70'. Original examples of this badge are extremely rare since only around 150-160 pieces were officialy presented to members of the company. The badge was instituted on 27th May 1924 by Ministry of Military Affairs Władysław Sikorski to commemorate members of the 1st Cadre Company that was formed in 1914 and was a seed of Polish Legions which fought for the independance during WW1.
The badge was accompanied with a citation document. I enclose an example of the original badge, citation document and another example of the same reproduction as yours. These particular high quality repros from 60'-70' are selling in Poland for 20-50 eur, while a price of original badge could be around 3500 eur.




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