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Determine WW1 Era Royal Navy Designation

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Hello Folks, I'm attempting to determine the meaning of the following R.N. Term / Designation from the WW1 Era. If anyone knows the meaning, I would deeply appreciate hearing from them. THANK YOU


@ >>> TNRGW1914-18 Section VII London


          Regards,   Dom Pastore / dpast32@aol.com

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Maybe I'm missing something or something you intended to include has been left out but if you did mean to ask what  "TNRGW1914-18 Section VII London" stands for it is "the National Roll of the Great War 1914-1918". Otherwise I'm sorry that I misunderstood and posted the obvious.


One of the most sought-after sets of reference books of the First World War is the National Roll of the Great War. The National Publishing Company attempted, shortly after hostilities ceased, to compile a brief biography of as many participants in the War as possible. The vast majority of entries refer to combatants who survived the Great War and the National Roll is often the only source of information available. Fourteen volumes were completed on a regional basis; this index database now allows simple searching of this unique reference source. Original volumes of this work are scarce the only 14 volumes ever published, cover a region, as follows:

  • Section I London W, C and N
  • Section II London W, C and N
  • Section III London W, C and N
  • Section IV Southampton
  • Section V Luton and vicinity (includes other parts of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire)
  • Section VI Birmingham
  • Section VII London W, SE and C
  • Section VIII Leeds
  • Section IX Bradford
  • Section X Portsmouth
  • Section XI Manchester
  • Section XII Bedford and Northampton
  • Section XIII London SE
  • Section XIV Salford

If you needed help from someone who owns the the National Roll of the Great War than I'm also sorry as I do not have it.

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There was a complete original set for sale on Echo Bay about 10 years ago with a Buy-it-Now price of $15,000.00 US.....   I was thinking of buying the set but had to check with S.W.M.B.O. and by the time I got back to my computer they were sold.....   It was on less than an hour.....  A reprint is available from the Naval and Military Press.....



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WOW.... 15k that's insane.... And the fact that you debated getting it is even more interesting. My wife would shoot me if I spend more than a few hundred on any medal etc. I can buy a 40k piece of machinery for our business but no hobby stuff ;) 

Not that I mind since we have a few amazing toys to drive that are business safe.


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 THANK YOU Gents for the replies, but I'm somewhat at a loss to understand them in relation to my original Post ? We're these specific terms used only in these volumes, or ? I simply wished to know if that term was related to a specific Royal Navy duty assignment or posting ? It's in relation to an WW1 R.N. Able Seaman's Geo. V LSGC. Noted ship on the rim was HMS Pembroke, which IIRC, was a sort of Depot Ship. Any other hints will be much appreciated.


       Best,      dpast32

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Utt Ohhh, I APOLOGIZE, I guess I should have closely read the 1st  reply prior to responding. Yes, that was the 'term' I got as I initiated a search on the aforementioned U.K. WW1 National Roll for the person in question. I thought that perhaps it was an assignment nomenclature for some obscure RN unit or something similar ? Lately, I've been stumbling across numerous WW1 British & Commonwealth Trio's for sale, & if the price is really reasonable, I'll grab them. This group is nothing spectacular, just a WW1 1914-15 Trio, accompanied by the recipients Geo. V LSGC. I can have it for $190.00 USD / 152 GBP [ Shipped ] which after thinking about it, I guess isn't really a super bargain, but no too bad, right ? I keep telling myself I must cease buying medal groups 'just because', as I have truly run out of room !! But, we all know the intense thrill of those inital searches when looking up a new purchase. THANK YOU Gents, I really do appreciate any & all replies !!

     Best regards,   Dom P. / dpast32@aol.com

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