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Phoenix Rising .... Bavarian Bluse

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OK, this came from the village about 4km from here.... direct out of a private house, in a good friends collection for many years.

Unfortunately it was not possible to establish an exact identity... The Tunic had been stripped, there were traces of Tresse around the collar, at some stage red cloth collar patches had been added, and officers boards had been sewn in but removed.

My friend had added boards (for display) but the wrong ones.

It had been decades in an attic and had lots of small moth damage.

So... that is where I started....

I removed the boards he had added and sewed the shoulders closed... as I do not know the regiment of the original dude I do not want to sew in the wrong boards.. as place holders i just added generic slip on 2 reserve Inf boards.

A very lucky find was 2 bits of Aschingerborte which was mixed in with WW2 insignia from the same house. I assume they were original to the tunic and took the liberty of adding them.... and then I fixed the mothholes.... it was while I was doing this that I realized I need reading glasses!!

So here it is, in all its glory.... c1.thumb.jpg.3c39afe802acca6ce3a39e6da57192d8.jpgc11.thumb.jpg.4a906743e7c52b953f7696f851d15103.jpgc111.thumb.jpg.114657a3c24ddd3fb4cc0cda5621d126.jpgc1111.thumb.jpg.9725c237d507be184c68f6d9f6c36f32.jpg

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