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Foreigners as Colonel-in-Chief

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Does anyone know where to find a list of honorary Colonels-in-Chief in the British Army before WWI?

I get the impression that it was far more common in the Victorian and Edwardian Army to award this position to foreign princes and sovereigns but I would like to be able to evidence this.

Many thanks in advance!


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That is a very good question!  I know that Czar Nicholas was Hon Col for one of the cavalry regiments and I think the Kaiser was as well, but it doesn't seem to be easy to turn up a list of past Honorary Colonels. 

The King of Jordan is currently Hon Col of one of the cavalry [armoured] regiments.Sorry, I wasn't clever enough to write down which one.  Maybe the Bays?

Good luck with this hunt.  If you find a list, please share.  Thanks.


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