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Prisenhöfe (Prize Courts) - More info please

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Hello, does anyone have any more info about the German Prisenhöfe [Prize Courts] during WW2? What were their tasks? And where could I find more info about them (online, books)? Can aynone please explain in more detail what did the Prisenhöfe do? They were courts. I know it's something about international maritime laws and the seizure of ships and it's cargo in international waters. But the information avaliable online is not that extensive. I only found short articles about Prize Courts in general on the Wikipedia and Britannica.

I also found the list of all the Prisenhöfe and the officers that were active there: https://www.axishistory.com/list-all-categories/201-germany-kriegsmarine/kriegsmarine-unsorted/7999-prisenhoefe

I also know about a book called "Völkerrecht und deutsche Prisenrechtsprechung im Zweiten Weltkrieg". Did anyone ever come across this book? Would you recommend this book for a further research of this subject? Are there any other books about German Prisenhöfe during World War 2, preferably in english? My German is not so good.


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