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A few new Jäger pieces

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Hello all,

A couple of Jäger related items i recently added to the collecion!

A Tellermütze with a cockade of reserve unter offizier and a cockade of Mecklenburg, wich is quite rare i think.
As far as i could find Mecklenburg had only two Jäger bataillons, the Jäger bataillon 14 and Reserven Jäger bataillon 14.

Also a S98/05 a.A with a Jäger troddel of the III. compagny, made by Simson & Co in 1915. The frog looks like a private purchase item.

The items are not in the best condition but i really like the aesthetics of both pieces.







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Thanks Chris! The cards are indeed Albert Reich.

As far as i could find the collors of the c ockade represent Mecklenburg, but corrections are always welcome!


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Hi, No stamps sadly, as it is a private purchase mütze i suspect. It does have the remains of a name: Lich

The liner is also repaired with black thread.




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