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Royal Navy Frock Coat ... What age?

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I'm looking for some information about this Navy Frock Coat.  It has no rank stripes on the sleeve.  Doesn't seem to ever have had any.  No markings of any kind inside coat.  Has stiff cord on left breast for two medals.  Shoulders have loops for epaulettes.  What era is it from?  Any info would be great, thanks.






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It is an interesting frock coat. Royal Navy frock coats had 5 or 4 double rows of buttons. 5 row was used prior to 1933 and it has changed to 4 row in 1933. The medal loops are also different from the ones used on Royal Navy uniforms. This method is similar which has used for example by the Austro-Hungarian Navy.


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Interesting.  Here is a close up of one of the buttons. This 19th century Royal Navy frock  in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich has six rows of buttons.    https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/71609.html

I had considered that it might be continental.  Austro-Hungarian would be interesting indeed.


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Taking that close up of the button, it dawned on me to look at the backs of the buttons.  I'm not sure why I didn't do that to begin with.  

Yes definitely A-H.

Button say (there are two types): 

"Bruder Schneider, Wein"  


"KUK Hof Lieferanten"

I'm going to put a post in the appropriate thread.  Thank you Balazs

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While these buttons were made in A H they don't look like buttons of the uniforms worn by A H troops.  The Hungarian crown has a bent cross on the top.  The Austrian buttons, in this shape, usually had the Austrian emblem on the front.  I've put a picture of Hungarian buttons below and a link to a thread I started on the GMIC some years ago.  That being said,  uniforms worn by the A H navy are not something that I have studied so putting this coat on the correct forum might get you the answer that you are seeking.





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Gordon Craig . The Austro Hungarian Army , the so called Common Army ,used Plain buttons in gold or silver colour with the Exception of the Generals whose buttons have a rosette engraved and te Artillery with crossed cannons . The buttons with the Saint Stephen crown on it belonged to the Hungarian Honved of the Regency I believe and were supplied in gilded brass for Officers , silver for NCOS and matt copper for troopers .

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The absence of rank lace on the cuffs or at least a trace of their presence is a theme itself . The Flottenrock of the Austro Hungarian Navy  carried the Rank on the cuffs  for Officers and senior NCOs . The Shoulderboards were for the Summer White uniform .only . Officers carried on the shoulders the so called passanten in gold lace ,,

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Your welcome. Yes, this is definately an A-H Navy frock coat, the manufacturers mark of the buttons helps us. Nice find.

Gordon, those buttons are exacly regency, Horthy-period buttons - as Bayern wrote - which was used only after 1921. The buttons are correct for this tunic with the Austrian imperial crown.

You can find a complete frock here:


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