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Char. Konteradmiral Paul Kettner - Ottoman awards

Kriegsmarine Admiral

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Can you please tell me the classes of the Order of Osmaniye and Order of the Medjidie he is wearing on the photo? And are they both with Swords?

Kettner served as Commandant of the Light Cruiser „Breslau“, from 16 August 1914 „Breslau-Midilli“ (01 October 1913-23 January 1915).

He was also Chief of Staff of the Special Command Unit Turkey (Sonderkommando Türkei) (28 September 1917-03 November 1918).


98178348_796477504211652_9092631368348729344_n - Copy.jpg

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Certainly looks like swords on both.  Would expect that he eventually received First Class of both even though this image appears to indicate a Medjidie neck badge.

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He has Breast Star of the 2nd Degree Osmani and Mecidi Orders with Swords. He also wears the Turkish War Medal. We can also see the 2nd Degree Mecidi Order with Swords and also 2nd Degree Order of Osmani with Swords (blurred- toward his left shoulder) on his neck.



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