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Antonio Prieto

Theresian Academy in Vienna

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Someone knows if uniform were used in this center and what would be its composition and description around 1872-1874, when the King Alfonso XII of Spain studied. 
There is a photograph that I do not know if it would correspond to this center or perhaps to the Sandhurst Military Academy, in England.




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¡Hola Antonio!

I am not sure about the said period, but in the first half of 19th century Theresianum pupils used to wear dark uniforms, with Litzen on collar.

Attached is a miniature portrait, dated 1834, of the future well-known Polish painter Henryk Rodakowski, depicted as an 11-year-old boy, in the Theresianum uniform (courtesy National Museum, Warsaw).


The uniform worn by the future king seems to be kind of similar to Rodakowski's jacket (albeit with double button rows and without epaulettes), so still Theresianum rather than Sandhurst. Besides, he entered Sandhurst in 1874, when he was 27. On the photo he looks younger.

I wondered at first if that was not the uniform of Collège Stanislas de Paris, where Alfonso was educated, but it looks different (courtesy https://les8petites8mains.blogspot.com/2018/09/histoire-de-l-uniforme-scolaire-en.html😞


Here is a link to the picture of a parade of the Theresianum cadets from late 19th/early 20th century:





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