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R.A.O.B. - Jewels from the Middle East

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A further Dhofar 9721 Lodge jewel - this one to commemorate its 200th meeting:

Obverse "Dhofar 9721 / 200th Meeting 12-12-73"

Reverse "Silver" on the Omani state badge of crossed sword and dagger.

The ribbon is in the Omani flag colours of green, red and white.

The Dhofar rebellion was over in 1975 and assuming the Lodge met in at the RAF base in Salalah - the capital of Dhofar Governate, the jewel would indicate that the Lodge met throughout the war. 



RAOB Dhofar 200th Obverse.jpg

RAOB Dhofar 200th Reverse.jpg

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Yet another - this time a generic 'Services Rendered' jewel present by the Scorpion Lodge No. 8351 - see Lodge specific jewel earlier. The inscription on the reverse reads, 

"Presented to / Bro. / R. Finch K.O.M. / by the / Scorpion Lodge No. 8351 / For Services Rendered / 7th April 1972"

There is a Birmingham silver mark and the letter 'W being the date letter for 1971. The makers initials of 'F.C.P.' are for  the maker Parry of Birmingham.

Kind regards,


RAOB Scorpion Services Obverse.jpg

RAOB Scorpion Services Reverse.jpg

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Good afternoon,

Two further generic RAOB jewels to, in this instance, Oman based RAOB lodges:

Jewel A

  • Top bar - Dhofar Lodge 9721
  • Obverse - Services Rendered
  • Reverse (obscured by glue) - Presented to / Bro / Ducky Davies / KOM / For Services / Rendered / 1979
  • Maker - Parry B'ham

Jewel B

  • Top bar - Sultanate of Oman No. 1
  • Lower bar - Knights Chapter No. 307
  • Obverse - Royal Antedeluvian Order of Buffaloes / Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sabit 
  • Reverse - Mark of FC Parry of Birmingham - silver gilt & date mark 'H' - 1982




RAOB Dhofar Services Rendered Obverse.jpg

RAOB Dhofar Services Rendered Reverse.jpg

RAOB Oman Knights Chapter Obverse.jpg

RAOB Oman Knights Chapter Reverse.jpg

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This time a more detailed image of an already seen Omani based RAOB Lodge:

  • Top bar - RAOB
  • Obverse - Andrew 9898 Grainger
  • Reverse - Plain other than the makers mark - Parry B'Ham

As of writing I have no detail as to who Andrew Grainger is or was.





RAOB Oman Grainger Obverse.jpg

RAOB Oman Grainger Reverse.jpg

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Finally for today another example of a RAOB Iraq jewel - this time of a standard early generic format - see India and Sudan jewels previously illustrated - of gilt metal of excellent quality:

Obverse - Royal Antedeluvian Order of Buffaloes / S.T.B. / Iraq (I am unaware as to what STB stands for)

Reverse - Bro. F. Crayton / Member Of The / R.A.O.B., G.L.E. / In Iraq (The name has been engraved) & Maker's name - L. Simpson & Co. / 56 York Road / King's Cross N1

In addition the box which the medal came in which is detailed - Telephone : North 0864 / L. Simpson & Co., / Masonic & Buffalo Jewellers, / Battle bridge Works / 56. York Road, King's Cross, / London, N.1.

Finally the accompanying certificate of membership which notes that, "This is to Certify that Brother Fred Crayton was initiated a member of the Royal Air Force Lodge No. 3705 in the Town of Uxbridge the 27th day of March 1925".

It is reasonable to infer that Fred Crayton was a member of the RAF and was thereafter posted to Iraq. From Wikipedia I detail below the history of RAF Uxbridge.

RAF Uxbridge was a Royal Air Force (RAF) station in Uxbridge, within the London Borough of Hillingdon, occupying a 44.6-hectare (110-acre). The British Government purchased the estate in 1915, three years before the founding of the RAF. The station is best known as the headquarters of No. 11 Group RAF, which was responsible for the aerial defence of London and the south-east of England during the Battle of Britain. A bunker, subsequently known as the Battle of Britain Bunker, was built nearby to house the 11 Group Operations Room, which controlled fighter squadrons operating within the group. The Operations Room was also responsible for providing air support during the evacuation of Dunkirk in May 1940 (Operation Dynamo) and the D-Day landings (Operation Overlord). It was here that Winston Churchill first said, "Never in the history of mankind has so much been owed by so many to so few", which he repeated in a speech to Parliament four days later. RAF Uxbridge closed on 31 March 2010 as part of a reduction in the number of Ministry of Defence installations in the Greater London area.



RAOB Iraq Crayton Obverse.jpg

RAOB Iraq Crayton Reverse.jpg

RAOB Iraq Crayton Case.jpg

RAOB Iraq Crayton Certificate.jpg

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