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a tale of two cliche' Prussian pilot badges

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Here are two stamped Prussian Pilot badges from two different manufacturers.  I like each of them individually and as a pair for their similarities/differences.  These badges are not found in a text book, but I think they are text-book examples.  I've had these badges for a long time and their provenance extends beyond that.  

The badge on the left is a high quality stamp with the square maker mark on on a finely honed pin.  The relief on the front is further highlighted by the silver(alloy?) coating.  The reverse relief is nearly as good.

The badge on the right came off an Allied souvenir belt from near the end of the war.  Presumably this is a late-war made badge and was awarded to a newly minted pilot.  No maker mark and the pin is a shorter length and simpler. The finish has not aged as well the badge on the left. 

cliche pilot badges 022.jpg

cliche pilot badges 088.jpg


cliche pilot badges 011.jpg

cliche pilot badges 1212.jpg

cliche pilot badges 077.jpg

cliche pilot badges 066.jpg

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There’s quite a lot of it so look at the pics and give me a heads up on what you’d like to see in more detail ! 






And more .


Some more 


Let me know when you’ve had enough !








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Mess room trophy or presentation piece of the No.1 luftschiffer battalion 1902 . The only one at the time ! And in background ,presentation plaque to the 100 flight of the L30 ,first of the super zeppelins 1917.


A little corner to the Baron ! 


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Wow!! Thanks. I just recalled a couple of pictures when you had them vertically in small wooden shelves, but the green backing and horizontal display looks amazing. The bavarian gunner is really a killer. And all those observers... what an incredible array of airmen you have there. Thanks again. It is never enough. 

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