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Tirol 1915 , A bavarian Jäger.....

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I am still missing a woolen scarf to complete this.... Alpenkorps - Tirol 1915 alp.thumb.jpg.2cfef2be81bdd72432f206758cb5da9b.jpg... The Cap is actually a 10th Jäger but is dirty enough that it is Feldgrau... the Tschako os from a one year volunteer who served in the 2nd bavarian Jäger batl in 1907, the Greatcoat is a rare Bird... it is for a Fähnrich, stamped as approved for the 1st Jäger batl and has 1 Jäger sewn on straps. The Greatcoat has a special cut approved for bavarian Fähnrich... officers cut, but the buttons like other ranks... the thinking behind that was if and when they were promoted to officer all they had to do was change the straps for shoulder boards and move the buttons into 2 rows...

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Just now, ccj said:

That’s probably the best wartime display I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love the coat... 

You would be astounded how easy it was to do.... I got two 7 foot poles, mammered some boars onto them, stand it against a wall, have an old pallet as a base, and a chopping block next to it... and it just kinds grows from there.... I can exchange uniforms.... I am getting better and better with the displays.... this was an older one (old, a couple of weeks ago) ... but you just have to take care of details... waited a few weeks for a typical alpine walking stick... am waiting for an old grey woolen scarf for my Jäger....IMG_1407.thumb.JPG.e7e1d19002976e96c28d4aaaf25e373d.JPG

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On 01/06/2020 at 03:21, ccj said:

Nice- I need to create a display wall in my collection room but I’m lazy

when it’s nice I like to site outside in the backyard  and drink beer and scotch 

and it’s finally very nice outside  sunny and 80° 144.72 kB · 0 downloads



it is good! Very large yard. I want to ask if you need a faithful guard (I suggest myself):ninja:

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