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Originally I thought it may be a 10 from the photos, but it is a 13, it is written twice.

I really think that the 13 we know was disolved in March, and reformed so late in the war that the books  simply overllooked the formation?

P.S. it was in the west, Feldzug gegen Frankreich in September/October/November

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I think it´s a Zweitschrift and the number is a mistake. I´ve never heard that the unit was reformed late in the war.

Hellmuth Gruss writes:

Die Sturmkompanie 13 blieb noch bis Mitte März 1918 im Osten, um die nach dem Westen kommenden Divisionen  auszubilden. Sie wurde dann dem Sturmbataillon Nr.12 unter Wegfall ihrer Bezeichnung angegliedert.

So I think he served with SK13, then he stayed in SB12 but the writer of the Zweitschrift didn´t know, that 13 became 12...



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The problem with the 12th is the following....

Gem. K.M. v. 22.08.1918 wurden zwei Sturm-Komp. aufgelöst. Gem. K.M. v. 09.10.1918 wurde das Bataillon aufgelöst

The 12th was already half disbanded by the time he was posted, and fully disbanded before he ever saw combat with his battalion.


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I think we have to take into account that in the zusammenbruch time there may have been things for which the records are somehow missing... And the question is... would the Abwicklungsamt gardekorps have made errors? Would be interesting to know where Feldlazarette 69 was stationed

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Feldlazarett 69 originally was called Feldlazarett Nr.7/VII.AK.

It was under command of 14.Inf.Div., Armee-Abt. B, Heeresgruppe Deutscher Kronprinz, 1.Armee, 7.Armee.

Unfortunately I don´t have any dates... But the latest entry was 7th army.

In that period of time (5.-11.11.18) the 7th army was in the "Retreat Fights before the Antwerpen-Maas position"

7th Army:

(III.AK, VIII.AK, VIII.RK, Gen.Kdo.65, 2.bav.ID, 3.Naval-Div., 4.GID, 5.ID, 10.RD, 19.ID, 24.RD, 26.ID, 30.ID, 84.ID, 86.ID, 216.ID, 227.ID)

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