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Does anyone recognize this medal? GGSD and the date 29-11-37 and a ship. The reverse is blank. 

I know that 1937 is after the Imperial era of Germany but it´s mounted after two other german minis, that´s why I put it here. But if anyone has an idea of a better category, let me know. 

The medals on the bar is the following:

Swedish knight of the order of Wasa
Swedish commemorative medal of the Swedish Brigade who fought in Finland 1918
Polonia Restituta 1918
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
Für Vaterland 1914

I guess it doesn´t exists any rolls for either Polonia Restitua or the red cross medal, right?
There is a tiny possibility I can ID the recipient using the roll for the Wasa order and Swedish rank lists. Since there is no order of the sword he was probably not a regular military person.
I also have copies of alot of documents from the archive from the Swedish Brigade that contains alot of names of members. With some luck there is some name there that also appears on the Wasa-roll and can point me in the right direction. 


P1040179.JPGP1040183 - kopia.JPG

And here is the full mini-bar. 





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GGSD is the "Gamle Georg Stage Drenge" ("old Georg Stage boys") association.

Instituted on November 29th, 1937. It's an association for former officers and crew from the Georg Stage training  (sailing) ship.

An unofficial medal of course...

The association might still exist (I'm not sure).

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Damn your fast!

Thank you, I have googled several times without any luck and 1 hour after I posted it here I get the answer!

It seems that the association still exists, I´ll try and contact them to see if they have any information about these medals. 

Thank you again!


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