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The barracks look  like the ones I stayed in back in 1978.  And we held formations and marched around too, when we weren't drinking.


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11 minutes ago, aussiesoldier said:

At least on photo 4, a cavalry photograph, shows German negro soldiers. Most unusual in Bavaria, although I believe many served.


definitely not cav, that is 7th Infantry Regt.  If you mean the guy 3 to the left of the officer, he looks like the round headed Bavarian Stereotype...


There is a Bavarian "look"...

"Oh Gott, schau hin, ich glaub das ist der letzte echte Bayer
Aber haaregenau Mann, so wie der ausschaut das kann ja nur ein Bayer sein
Ein großer Kopf mit roten Ohren und er kotzt grad wie ein Reiher
Ja man er kotzt grad wie ein Reiher in sein dreizwanz'ger BMW"

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My cavalry comment is linked to the shape of the handle and what looks like a straight blade for the most right hand officer. The 'negro' look - is it not possible?  There were many 'gemischte Rasse' (mulato?) Germans in nth Germany, particularly the port cities. Happy to go along with your description.

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