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Italian aviation related commemoration badge

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Hi all,

Just wanted to share a nice small badge that I received today. Like I understand this is a silver rosette badge issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary (1909-1959) of the first flight of an Italian-made aircraft. This badge was issued by the Associazione Industria Aerospazio (Italian Aerospace Industries Association), the AIA was established in 1946.

This badge commemorates the first flight of an Italian built aircraft which took place at Venaria on the 31st January 1909. The prototype triplane remained airborne for about 20 metres (22.2 yds). The aircraft was a tri-winged Faccioli designed and built by Aristide Faccioli (1848-1920) and flown by his son, Mario (1885-1915). The aircraft crashed on landing and Mario was seriously injured but made a speedy and complete recovery. Mario continued working with his father as a test pilot developing new aircraft but tragically, was killed in a plane crash aged only 30.

In case there is any extra information available of this badge then please let me know.



Italian 1.jpg

Italian 2.jpg

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