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Golden Merit Medal for the Battle of Salamanca

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during my studies on the Napoleonic Wars in Spain, I found a short notice that the british parliament endowed a golden medal for merit for the conquest of the city of Salmanca in 1812. The medal was out of pure gold, had a diameter from 5 cm. On the avers side the sitting Britannia is shown with a leaf of laurels. The revers side should show the inscription: Salamanca.

The medal was awarded only to the higher comanders who lead the allied troops in this battle. The medal was worn around the neck. 

This is all, what I found, does anybody has a photo or more information on this special medal? It is not the normal medal with the clasp Salamanca!

Thanks in advance.

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5 hours ago, peter monahan said:

I can't quite tell from the photo, but is this the one which is 'glazed' on both side - little glass covers like watch glasses?  Or am I just having a senior's moment? :)


Hello Peter, 

I don't think so, I am aware, that the the Golden Merit Medal of King George II. founded 1815 by Prince Georg in substituion of his father was covered with lunettes to protect the golden Medal. I have never heard this in responce to the Salamanca Medal. The only photo that I am aware of is shown in Klenaus Book Orden und Ehrenzeichen in Deutschland. The golden medal looks the same like the silver guelphic medal. You just can tell by the inscription if the recipient is a military guy or if he is civilian. Civilian were awarded the merit medal (which was awarded in silver and in gold), soldiers got the guelphic medal. 

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6 minutes ago, paul wood said:

So you are referring to a totally different medal from the army gold. As Alice would say curiouser and curiouser.



Yes, I never heard of the Salamanca Medal being covered by lunettes. But the first golden merit medals of Hannover was. thats what I was referring to. I guess this is the one, I am referring to. 


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37 minutes ago, paul wood said:

must br a differrnt medal for that Hannover Merit medal is dated 1815. Salamanca was 1812. Flummoxed.


That's what I said, I only referred to the only golden medal which I know for sure, that it has a lunette to protect the golden medal. Maybe my english is so bad, that people can not understand what I am writing. So all I want to tell Peter was, that I never heard of the salamance medal has a lunette too, but the golden merit medal from 1815 had. 

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Didn't mean to start any hares, gentlemen.  My aged brian threw up 'gold medal' 'Waterloo period' and 'glazing ' or 'lunettes' - thank you Paul - and I bodged the two together.  Or, to quote a bloke on defaulters, 'No, sir.  Different [girl] entirely.' 

My apologies.  But I shall remember 'lunettes' now. :)

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Hey Peter, no apologies needed! I haven't taken any comment here personal, it was just a discussion on medals with a lunette to protect the medal. So your question was a correct one. If my answer wasn't easy to understood then it is due to my missing english knowledge, as I am not a mother tongue. 

So all good from my side, I am learning here every day some news on orders and medals and discussion with different opinions leads to new knowledge, so I preciate it.

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