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Capt Sir Tom Moore

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Amidst the COVID-19 troubles to health and the global economy, scofflaws who think masks & other health measure infringe on their "personal freedoms" (especially here in the US), ethnic injustice, political selfishness, and global warming that fill the news, this is a piece of well-needed joyous celebration about an honour recognizing Capt Tom as a Knight Bachelor. This whole story has been a very moving demonstration of selflessness & personal duty (See, among others: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/17/captain-tom-moore-knighthood-sir-knighted-queen-ceremony/). Three cheers for Capt Sir Tom Moore!


CREDIT: Chris Jackson


CREDIT: Chris Jackson/Pool via Reuters

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It makes a change to see someone get a knighthood which actually demonstrates what the award should be for. It's not just for those that have a measure of personal wealth, sporting achievment, privilege or celebrity, which seem often to be today's criteria for such an award. 

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Permit me a slight growl here... my father was a senior civil servant and received a knighthood.

However, I join you all in applauding the award to Sir Tom Moore, well deserved. Once the story was picked up by the BBC just before Easter it caught everyone's attention and raised a massive amount for a good cause.

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my father was also honoured for nearly 50 years in the civil service mostly customs and excise in the 77 birthday honours. His view was that it their way of saying you're past it now so bugger off. He formed is own business which he retained until his death 20 years later.



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I was sorry to learn today of the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore on 2 February, 2020. However, he embodied a spirit of community & generosity that inspires and lives on. I had gotten together a few images to put on this thread from stories about Spink's Medal Services Department remounting his medals just before he was knighted by the Queen in the 17 July, 2020 ceremony. I would like to add those images here as a remembrance of him, and I hope this not too ham-handed a form of recognition for Spink (I do not know if they donated the work & materials, but that would seem the appropriate response). Several news articles appeared about this in June of last year, but I want to feature the images and information from Spink's website & publication. All photos except the black & white portrait from approximately 1941 are from the 5 June, 2020 article in the Spink Insider about the refurbishment of Captain Sir Tom Moore's medals ("Captain Sir Tom Moore's medals remounted by Spink", by Medal Specialist Robert Wilde-Evans [https://insider.spink.com/2020/06/05/captain-sir-tom-moores-medals-remounted-by-spink-medal-services/] and also archived on the Spink website: https://www.spink.com/media/view?id=563)


Captain Sir Tom Moore holding the miniature medals that Spink remounted for him and added the re-issued Defense Medal and the badge of Knight Bachelor (L-R; the Knight Bachelor, awarded 20 May, 2020; 1939-1945 Star; Burma Star; Defense Medal, re-issued 30 April, 2020; and the War Medal). He wears the full sized awards that Spink also remounted. 


Captain Sir Tom Moore's medals as remounted by Spink, in a refurbished Court mounting. The Spink article notes that: "this style is as worn by soldiers of the Yorkshire Regiment, the present day descendants of Sir Tom’s former unit the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment."


Medal Specialist Robert Wilde-Evans also noted that: "We were also asked to provide an Undress ribbon bar for occasions on which he may not wish to wear his full size group."


Captain Sir Tom Moore's miniature medals on the refurbished bar by Spink, including the re-issued Defense Medal between the Burma Star and the War Medal, in addition to the badge of Knight Bachelor.   


Captain Sir Tom Moore's Service Medal of the Yorkshire Regiment, awarded during the celebrations of his 100th birthday (either on 29 or 30 April, 2020). As the Secretary of State for Defense, Ben Wallace, said on that occasion: "He not only embodies the spirit of our incredible veteran community, but the resolve of this nation. During these unprecedented times he has reminded us all hardship is easier endured when we place the needs of others above our own, and approach everything with a smile".


Captain Sir Tom Moore at home with Robert Wilde-Evans visiting to hand over Captain Sir Tom's refurbished medals and ribbon bar. 


Captain Sir Thomas Moore (30 April, 1920 - 2 February, 2021), as second lieutenant, approximately 1941.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Tom#/media/File:Tom_Moore_(soldier).jpg).


large.100px-Ribbon_-_1939-45_Star.png.f9e6d8d6b6c126a209bb77dd2bc78a87.png  large.100px-Ribbon_-_Burma_Star.png.a611d4fa720bf9464256eb94fb2cc61b.png  large.Ribbon_-_Defence_Medal.png.de22058e527722ac9c6dffb92aef3eca.png  large.100px-Ribbon_-_War_Medal.png.92be51cd198037c0e09d6ec6de19b6af.png



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