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In a nice hotel close to the airport of Munich there is a nice painting which showa Franz Dettenhofer, the former owner of this hotel. In the German French War of 1870 / 71 he recieved the iron cross the silver and the golden military merit medal of the kingdom of Bavaria. 

I love the fact, that the painter had put so much effort in the details of the medails, isn't it amazing. That the owner of this hotel still kept this painting on the wall is even better, not quite usual in Germany these days. 

Franz Dettenhofer was famous for the liberation and rescue of some bavarian row and capturing of their french guards on the 7th. of december 1870. He got his silver medal on 1st of september 1870 and his golden medal on 11th. of october 1870. So he was a brave  nco before he was a hotel director and owner of that hotel.



Franz Dettenhofer 1.jpg

Franz Dettenhofer 2.jpg

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Anyone who deals with the Bavarian Military Merit Medal 1870/71, of 
course, knows the daring story of Franz Dettenhofer from the 3rd 
Chevaulegers Regiment:
It was about 5 o'clock now; the darkness that had already set in, 
intensified by a thick fog, made it difficult to see beyond 100 

Around 5:30 a.m., Chevauleger corporal Franz Dettenhofer from 
Vötting, Freising District Office, the 4th squadron of the 3rd 
Chevauleger Regiment, was ordered to investigate whether the 
last-mentioned battery was still in its previous position or not. 
He immediately rode with 11 men and went ahead in the swarm. The 
little group was still less than a quarter of an hour from where 
they left when the left-most Chevaulegers got fires. The corporal 
was now pulling his team together and trotting in the direction 
where the shots had come from. In the vicinity of about 70-80 paces 
from the enemy, Dettenhofer noticed about 25-30 men of French 
infantry escorting Bavarian prisoners, including some officers.
One of the prisoners called Dettenhofer benevolently: "Chevaulegers,
we are caught, ride back, otherwise you will be the same", while at 
the same time the French soldiers started shooting at the Bavarian 
riders. "Nothing is caught with us," replied the corporal, said to 
his people "strike what you can" and fell on the enemy with them 
from all sides. He killed 8 men, made 14 prisoners and freed the 
Bavarian 3 officers and 14 men. Favored by the darkness, none of 
the Chevaulegers was killed or wounded. So the cheeky attack, 
carried out with real cavalry determination, happily knocked 
everyone out again. The officers also included a badly wounded man 
who four Chevaulegers had to carry. First Dettenhofer went to the 
place where the Bavarians had to leave their weapons and their
luggage, then with his liberated and prisoners to the Chevaulegers 
bivouac in La Banery.
The following day, December 8, the division of the 3rd Chevaulegers 
Regiment was just in reserve when one of its officers took the 
opportunity to introduce Dettenhofer and his subordinates from 
yesterday to the men of the Infantry Division Staff, on what 
occasion he did so Congratulations on the Prussian Iron Cross from 
several sides in advance. And he also received its 2nd class, 
because the brave Dettenhofer had already earned the two Bavarian 
military merit medals, the silver one at Sedan on September 1, 
where he showed great determination in transporting dispatches on a 
very threatening relay line the golden one, because he volunteered 
on September 25 to fill the relay post in Bourcay, which was very 
endangered by franchireurs, fearlessly claimed this post and on 
September 26 several important letters from the 4th Prussian Cavalry
Division in Pithiviers were under threat Relay routes brought to 
Arpajon. Here, as on other important ordnance steps, he repeatedly 
demonstrates unusual courage and prudence.

(translated with google)




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