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Dear fellow collectors,

I recently purchased this lovely painting of a Major with a Prussian Crownorder and a LDA. The picture was painted around 1916 (I believe) and shows the Major with his decorations and swords, sitting in an armchair. It is painted on cardboard and I believe it might have been bigger in the past, given the fact that we can see from the back that the cardboard has been cut somewhat irregularly. This is also supported by the fact that there is a small piece of paper glued to the backside with information about the painting, which misses the first words of each sentence. This is what is says in German:


Gemalt 1916 von

ere Mordasewiez anläss-

ner Ausstellung polni-

ünstler in Warschau-

age d. deutschen Kom-

s. Als Vermächtnis v.

Jenny Betz 1. Sept, 64

schwister Krämer Landshut.


The English translation:


Painted in 1916 by

Mordasewiez ( which is a Polish last name) on occasion of

exhibition of Polish

Artists (?) in Warsaw

Organised by the German command (?)

as legacy of

Jenny Betz 2. Sept, 64

Sister Krämer Landshut


I know I'm giving you guys the bare minimum with the decorations, rank, sword and this little bit of paper on the back but would it be possible to put a name on this piece? I estimate the Major in this picture to be around 35-40 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 











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To me the man on the portrait is a Beamte not an Army Major , He carries a Stickdegen and not a 1889 preussische infanterie Offiziersdegen . The shoulderboards are clearly gold coloured and not the silver black of Prussian Officers . Probably he was a member of the German Military Government in Warsaw . 

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Laurentius ,I  refresh my knowledge a little and defnitively the man was a Militarbeamte .his Stichdegen fur militarbeambten says it clearly . and the golden shoulderboards,  

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6 hours ago, Bayern said:

I  refresh my knowledge a little and defnitively the man was a Militarbeamte

So I suppose he wouldn't be a major, do you know what his rank would be?

Kind regards and thanks in advance, Laurentius

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10 hours ago, Bayern said:

The piping and SBs backing were dark green 

Hmm, I can't really distinguish a dark green piping.

10 hours ago, Bayern said:

First Class Counselor ,I Klass Rat . is a option

What would that rank entail?


Kind regards and thanks in advance, Laurentius

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