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DDR Border Post Marker Sign

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Hey guys. New member here. I was happy to find your group. I was on border patrol with the 11th ACR in Bad Hersfeld in 1989 and was actually on patrol the night the boarder opened. I have a lot of pictures of original border plaques and all the signs that were along the border. I also have one of the real border plaques. I know this because 1 week after the border opened I came accross it on one of our old border patrol trails about 15 clicks out in the bush. Some of those plaque pictures posted with the screw holes in them I have never seen. The ones in our sector of the border were the ones that had 2 large bolt holes through the pole and mounted close to center of the plaque. I saw several questions as to what the plaques were made from. They are puter. I know there are limited numbers of originals. The barber poles were spaced roughly every 2 kilometers along the border with West Germany. Roughly 435 kilometer long. So that is roughly 217 along the West German border. What would one of those go for in this day and age?

I also have a book that was put together by the 11th ACR about the history of the border in our sector and all the signs and markers. We went up in helicopters and flew around the border after it opened and got a lot of pics with the fence and all the signs and the East Germans crossing by the thousand. I would be happy to provide pictures if anyone would like.

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Welcome to the forum and I too would like to see some of these pics! By the way, as far as I know there were 2735 poles on the german-german border. The were all documentated number 1 stood in Priwall (North / Ostsee) and number 2735 stood down south at the border of West Germany – DDR – Tschechoslovakia. That would be one pole per 500 meters (total 1378 Kilometers).

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I recently acquired an original soviet as well as an original mongolian border plate.


would love to add a DDR one to it - where to find a true original?

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this is my DDR "Grenzschild", removed by me and a friend of mine, off a "Grenzsäule" in the days of the "Wende", when the Grenztruppen were not dangerous anymore, or simply, they were less concerned in defending a vanished border...


The damage to the reverse was done with a battery-operated tool, to cut the top screw, after having hammered the relatively rotting concrete of the border pillar.



Grenzschild - Avers.jpg

Grenzschild - Revers.jpg

Edited by Elmar Lang
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